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It must be understood that in order to gain the exact understanding intended the reader should learn the German language. As a group we provide our "best as possible" English translation. Just as we are continually learning the Spiritual Teaching, we are also continually learning the German language in our German-to-US English translations. It needs to be understood that an exact translation from German to any other language is not possible. We fully utilize the on-going efforts of FIGU, for progressively assisting in the development of more accurate translations, by providing an evolving tool such as the FIGU Dictionary. In your studies of the Teaching we encourage also spending some time constantly equating the German words and phrase with the English words you are reading and while processing the idea-thought-feeling energy impulses. If In these comparisons you should find a translation error, it is our request that, especially those that are fluent in the German language, submit corrections to us, as we strive to provide an accurate dissemination of the original German intent-to-word structured idea-thought impulses for positive-neutrally processing into knowledge, through our English translations. The original German is included with each paragraph (in green on webpages),

 We Do Not Believe!
We do not Believe!
A short video by Nico Drechsel and Lukas Bösch, Filmscore by Yanick Herzog
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