Advanced Search - German/English Input

For those interested in doing research-work on your own:

Our search tool will help quickly find text on webpages as well as within stored downloadable (secured) pdf files. These pdf files are being made available in a format that can be hardcopy printed for personal reading. It is requested that only the link to the pdf files be shared and not the pdf files themselves. As errors may occur in translations, they will in turn be corrected and re-published in updated form.

  • Not Recommended: Those sharing a downloaded pdf file will probably share a file that will become out-of-date when corrections are completed. Resulting in multiple versions of a pdf file, only one of which is currently correct as the latest update/version, on the internet possibly causing confusion.
  • Recommended: Those sharing the link to the pdf file will always find the latest updated version using the original link (url).

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