!! FIGU Corona-Virus Warning Service !!

(0) 1-Mar-2020 - FIGU/SSSC - Visitor Restrictions
(1) 21-Mar-2020 - FIGU - Corona Virus Warning Service
(2) 26-Feb-2020 - What there is to say about the Corona-Virus  and what there is to consider
- What is the origin of the Corona Virus and what is it exactly?
- How contagious is the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) and how long is the incubation period?
- When and in whom will the disease develop?
- How can I protect myself against being infected with the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2)?
- What can be done to prevent the virus from spreading?
(3) 16-Mar-2020 - News about the Corona-Virus and what is rationally to be considered
- The transmission of the pathogens happened mainly through direct or indirect droplet infection, namely through breath-droplets/air borne droplets.
- Rules that must be observed
- How an infection with the corona-virus is expressed or which symptoms, for example, appear when Covid-19 has become acute
- Why also Europeans and members of the white races increasingly fall ill with Covid-19, and not only the Asians
- How much longer will the corona-virus continue to rage and can one hope that it retreats as soon as the temperatures rise?
- How can one’s own immune system best be supported?
* 24-Mar-2020 - FIGU - BEAM Advice for all FIGU Groups
(4) 30-Mar-2020 and (5) 2-Apr-2020 - New, vital information about the Corona-Virus and other interesting news
- Contact 731 - Part 1 - the rampantly spreading disease
- Contact 731 - Part 2 - the rampantly spreading disease
- Contact 734 - special precaution and measures
(6) 7-Apr-2020 - FIGU - Interesting things and things Worth Knowing About Viruses and Bacteria
- Contact 735 - Bacteria and Viruses
(7) 17-Apr-2020 - FIGU - In times like these… outcoming effects of the Overpopulation
- Exorbitant overpopulation with all its negative outcoming effects
- When will we earth-human beings finally come to the rationality?
- How is one supposed to proceed in the correct wise with an outbreak of an epidemic/plague and thereby a threatening pandemic?
(8) 17-Apr-2020 - What we now can already learn from the Corona-catastrophe
- What we now can already learn from the Corona-catastrophe
- Ptaah from contact of 14-Apr-2020 - Covid-19 background information
(9) 19-Apr-2020 - FIGU - Further Important Information and Recommended Measures for the Current Situation
- Contact 736 - UFO convoy moved over Schmidrüti
- Contact 736 - the rampantly spreading corona disease / protective face masks
(10) 23-Apr-2020 - What There is to Know, Among Other Things, About Wearing a Mask
- Contact 732 - transmission of the pathogen
- Contact 732 - source of the pathogen in mid-2019
- Contact 732 - culpability of the rampantly spreading virus
- Rules that should be followed
- How an infection with corona viruses manifests or which symptoms show when Covid-19 becomes acute?
- Why also Europeans and members of the white races increasingly fall ill with Covid-19, and not only the Asians
- How much longer will the corona-virus continue to rage and will it retreat as the temperatures rise?
- How the virus is transmitted and its survival duration outside of the human body
- How one’s own immune system can best be supported
- the coma impulse and it influence on future infections after initial infection
- spectator sport fanatics
- the correct use and value of FFP3 protective masks
(11) 2-May-2020 - Important explanations from Ptaah in regard to the coronavirus and the function of the immune system
- Contact 731 - Corona-Virus gene-mutating capability
- Contact 731 - Religious punishment?
- Contact 731 - Virus spreading to other life-forms
- Contact 731 - Virus damage to multiple organs
- Contact 731 - Psyche state effects the immune system
- Contact 731 - function of the immune system
- Contact 731 - strengthening the immune system
- Contact 731 - corona disease and its effects on the organism
- Contact 731 - four factors of the corona virus
- Contact 731 - protecting one's self from the corona virus
(12) 9-May-2020 - Explanations from Ptaah about the background of the Corona pandemic and its true origin
- Contact 728 - Origin of the Corona-Virus pandemic
(13) 11-May-2020 - Face Masks: Tips for the Right Usage and Cleaning
(14) 14-May-2020 - Where the Corona-Virus can Run Riot All Over the Body
- Contact 730 - lung-disease
- Contact 730 - immune-system
- Contact 730 - blood vessels, intestines, brain, heart
- Contact 730 - kidneys, liver, spleen, brain, stomach, pancreas
(15) 14-May-2020 - About the Maliciousness of the Coronavirus and the Actual Threat that Comes from it
- Contact 737 - conspiracy theories
- Contact 737 - the mutating and genetically ever-changing corona-virus
- Contact 737 - This virus will last for a long time and will no longer be eradicable
- Contact 737 - No tangible laws nor decisive guidelines for necessary safety and behavioral measures exist
- Contact 737 - prevention of epidemics and pandemics before they begin to spread
- Contact 737 - an inevitable consequence of overpopulation
(16) 19-May-2020 - The Latest Modes of Behavior that Ptaah Recommends
- Contact 738 - explanations, necessities, information and advice regarding the necessary modes of behavior
- Contact 738 - 44 percent of the population have not recognized the danger of the rampantly spreading corona disease
- Contact 738 - Use of masks
- Contact 738 - viruses do not correspond to life forms, rather to inanimate organic structures
- Contact 738 - There are no medicines whatsoever to defend against viruses
- Contact 738 - guidelines for contact with others
(17) 6-Jun-2020 - Information about further necessary modes of behavior and further information concerning the origin of the rampantly spreading disease
- Contact 739 - temporal separation/isolation causing psychical hardship
- Contact 739 - virus mutations resulting in a dangerous ultra-multi-virus
- The corona-virus corresponds to a multi-organ virus
- The corona-virus can never be finally eliminated, rather it will remain existent under the surface for a very long time
- multi-fold symptoms and affects of the corona-virus and its mutations
- Contact 739 - the feeble-minded assertions of the Trample-Tramp-Trump-clown
- Contact 739 - conspiracy theories and their believers
- Contact 739 - the case with the irresponsible world leaders
- Contact 739 - official and governmental safety-based orders, regulations and ordinances are insufficient
(18) 6-Jun-2020 - A thank you from Ptaah and the Plejaren generally to all human beings who act rationally and responsibly
- Contact 739 - Use of these warnings by scientific circles, such as micro-biology, virology and infection epidemiology
- Contact 739 - Use of these warnings by specialist doctors such as specialists of bacteriology, parasitology, immunology as well as serology as well as mycology, mycobacteriology, microbiology and molecular biology and symptomology
- Contact 739 - unpredictability of the virus, state leaders and corona-virus conspiracy theorists
- Contact 739 - corona-virus will continue to rampantly spread due to negligence
(20) 15-Jun-2020 - Further information about necessary modes of behavior, which absolutely ought to be heeded
- Contact 740 - Due to incompetent state-leaders and ignored warnings, 500,000 Corona deaths by the end of June
- Contact 740 - Effects of the corona-virus on the body
- Contact 740 - Much too premature relaxing and lifting of the halfway effective measures
- Contact 740 - Masks must be worn in public
- Contact 740 - Don't pay attention to all sorts of conspiracy theories and who demonstrate against, deny or ridicule security measures