An explanation regarding what FIGU is (and isn't) can be found in: "FIGU in a Nutshell".

More information can be found in the following three articles, all contained in one PDF translated by FIGU Landesgruppe Australia:

Is the Core Group of the FIGU an Elite?
How Can One Protect Oneself from Belief?
The 21 Most Important FIGU-rules

The following is only a recommendation for:

1) Introducing a young adult to their purpose in life …
FIGU recommends that a young adult be at least 13 years of age WITH their parent's permission before introducing them to the FIGU material.
The recommended place to start would be for them to read a FIGU Open Letter written especially for them. This can be found in: FIGU Open Letter #14 

Allow them to read this on their own and at their own pace. Once they are done reading the Open Letter and have had time to think about it, let them make the decision to learn more on their own (DO NOT make that decision for them). They will let you know if and when they are ready.

2) Introducing a new student to the FIGU Material (Where to start) …
Many questions will come up and from those many more will arise. ALWAYS answer with the reality and its truth as you know-it-to-be and only enough to truthfully answer the question submitted to you. Do NOT share more than has been asked for/about because when they are ready they alone will know their own level of current understanding and the question to ask. Do not attempt to explain something with your assumptions, this could cause much unnecessary confusion. If you don't know, just answer, "I need to do further research so I can answer that question for myself. Then I will point you to where you can find the information in order to learn your answer for yourself.". Afterwards more questions will come and as the questions transition into discussions ... then you both learn from each other.

What the student asks is their right to know the truth about ....... whatever ... their honest inquiry needs a direction for them to find out for themselves. You cannot and never will be able to give them their answers. These have to be worked out by them for themselves just as you have to work out your own answers for yourself!

One of our group's primary FIGU-based mission is to provide a place to study the FIGU material on their own ... 

A student's progress should not ever be limited by another person's understanding in how they worked out a situation (in thought, feeling or action or even as a "What if ...?" ). At best you can give them a pointer to where to find their own answers to questions they have when they are ready to ask the questions you cannot answer.

Only when they you know for themselves they are ready, begin first with who/what FIGU is ... "FIGU in a Nutshell".
Once the student reads about what FIGU is and isn't, then time must be taken for the individual to begin the process of working out of the thought impulse generated for themselves.

FIGU Switzerland setup their Swiss-German website to provide a seeker-of-truth, the core information about FIGU
Their entire website has been translated into US-English by our group and is available here.

The fundamental information on the following major topics is explained by FIGU on their website, correspondingly it has also been translated on our website into US-English:

FIGU Society
Creation-Energy (Spiritual) Teaching

The Reference Library contains a listing-breakdown of FIGU's entire catalog of articles, BEAM Portal entries, books, booklets, periodicals and general reference material. 

There is also a powerful search engine on our website which you can search both for German and/or English words or phrases. 

The idea of this website (https://creationaltruth.org) was a place for an individual to search on their own for information on how to work out for themselves their own answer and/or resulting next question. It should be left up to the individual to set their own pace of study, when they are ready only they will know, and what they are seeking. Only they will be able work out the knowledge themselves for themselves. Only in this wise will they actually be able to use this knowledge in their everyday life as they then acquire the essence of wisdom for use in their thinking-feeling-acting processing of impulses. This will in-turn ... be as only they decide for themselves, because it is their own free will which enables them to learn.

Beyond that always, as said before, ALWAYS answer the new student's questions with the reality and its Truth as you know-it-to-be and only enough to truthfully answer the question presented. Do NOT share more than has been asked for/about as when they are ready they alone will know their own level of current understanding and the next question to ask. In other words don't attempt to give them the answers to questions they are not currently capable of processing.

This is only a recommendation. Hope this helps.


The Peace Meditation process can be found at Peace Meditation.

The Peace Meditation Scheule for the United States can be found at: Peace Meditation Schedule

The pyramid is an amplifying transmitter that links to the consolidator at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center. The consolidator at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center in Switzerland is linked to the many Plejaren worlds that also join in the Peace meditation. You are welcome to join the Peace Meditation, as many people do world-wide, without the pyramid, This still contributes to the energy used to equalize/neutralize the negative-energy field surrounding our planet.

A detailed explanation of how the Peace Meditation times are sychronized universally can be found here.

The simple answer is no.
First of all regarding the Pleiades star cluster:

During Billy Eduard Albert Meier's 252nd contact (February 14th, 1995) with an extraterrestrial contact named Ptaah from the Plejaren star system it was explained regarding the Pleiadian star cluster. 

Ptaah: "... Regarding the fact that there exists no intelligent or any other type of life on the Pleiades -- hence, neither an energy collective nor any similar terrestrially-invented foolishness -- we have received a related confirmation from the Arahat Athersata, who queried the highest of all existing high spirit levels and received a reply to this question to which Arahat Athersata already knew the answer beforehand: namely, no intelligent energy form, let alone life form of any type, exists on the Pleiades' celestial bodies. The same applies also to Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. With their age being only approximately 62 million years [by terrestrial standards], the Pleiades are simply far too young to support life. Furthermore, the Pleiades are celestial bodies that will never bear any life in form of an energy or material nature, since their existence will only be short-lived prior to fading and dissolving again into interstellar energy, from which gases and new formations will evolve one day..."

An excerpt from an article in FIGU Bulletin No.1 (April 1995)

Withdrawal by the Pleiadians/Plejaren
During the night of February 2nd to the 3rd, 1995, the Pleiadians/ Plejaren left the Earth for good. This action was previously planned at the time when the contacts began, but could not be openly revealed by Billy for certain unofficial reasons. The Pleiadian/Plejaren withdrawal does not signify that the contacts have now ended definitively, however -- only the official contacts have terminated, while contacts on a private level will continue intermittently.

With the Pleiadians' withdrawal, the secret can be revealed that they do not refer to themselves as Pleiadians, but as Plejaren, a name taken from their Plejares star system, which is not within our space-time configuration, but one that deviates from ours by mere fractions of a second. The Plejares are beyond the Pleiades star cluster, where a dimension opening was created that allows the Plejaren to travel between the two different space-time configurations.

The Pleiades, respectively the celestial bodies and planets of the Pleiades star cluster, are uninhabited, indeed, uninhabitable in every way, for they are far too young for the formation and establishment of any life forms. This fact, therefore, takes the wind from the sails of every crook, fraud and liar who claims to have maintained physical or telepathic contacts with the Pleiadians from the time when Meier made his initial Pleiadian/Plejaren contact information public. Truthfully, Pleiadians simply do not exist, only Plejaren!! This information was kept secret throughout the entire contact period for the specific purpose of exposing each and every hoaxer, liar, charlatan and crook when the Plejarens had withdrawn from Earth.

...   -Billy

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