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Thought for the week

from BEAM Portal entry of 9-Feb-2019

Do Not Squander Time

Keine Zeit vergeuden

Whoever squanders his/her time and does not consciously gather good knowledge and the true essence of wisdom, cannot become glad and also not content, because they in addition lack in everything, that brings forth joy as well as peace and harmony.

Wer seine Zeit vergeudet und nicht bewusst bestes Wissen und nicht wahre Weisheit sammelt, kann nicht froh und auch nicht zufrieden werden, denn es fehlt dazu an allem, was Freude sowie Frieden und Harmonie hervorbringt.

 SSSC, 7th July 2011, 1:04, Billy

 SSSC, 7. Juli 2011, 1.04 h, Billy

English translation from the original German text by Patrick McKnight and may contain errors- 10-Feb-2019