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Thought for the week

from BEAM Portal entry of 21-May-2019



The human being disdains a fellow human being only for this reason and exercises revenge on him/her, because he/she has in him/herself neither honor nor dignity and not good, however also is not great enough and is much too cowardly, to be able to forgive the other one in love and honesty.

Der Mensch verachtet einen Mitmenschen nur darum und übt Rache an ihm, weil er in sich weder Ehre noch Würde hat und nicht gut, aber auch nicht gross genug und viel zu feige ist, dem andern in Liebe und Ehrlichkeit verzeihen zu können.

 SSSC, 10 July 2011, 00:24, Billy

 SSSC, 10. Juli 2011, 00.24 h, Billy

English translation from the original German text by Patrick McKnight and may contain errors- 23-May-2019