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 About the Reference Library

Information about this FIGU Reference Library

Regarding books:
One thing you will notice right away, our library does not contain books to read. The books you will find in our library are only descriptions of books that are available elsewhere for ordering. The vast majority of these books are currently only available in German from FIGU Switzerland through their online store or in person from the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center. The books that have been translated into English are identified in each books description with a link to FIGU approved places for ordering them. In many cases excerpts of books are published in FIGU periodicals, booklets, articles, etc., links to these English translated excerpts will be provided when available.

Regarding booklets and/or articles:
What our library does include is a listing of booklets and/or articles which FIGU has provided in the original German language. Where available, a link to the original German text is available within the listing. Also where available within the listing is a link to the English/German version of that booklet and/or article which has been translated into English.

Regarding FIGU items with their Copyright: This website will only contain links to FIGU authorized sites where you can obtain FIGU copyrighted items.
Regarding FIGU items under Creative Commons Licensing: We will provide links to actual German/English translations of FIGU items covered under the Creative Commons License which follow all licensing requirements as defined in the Creative Commons License.
All English translations of German FIGU material provided on this website will comply with FIGU language translation requirements.

Important Notice: regarding all original German text referencing 'large number names' (e.g. Milliarde = 109 = thousand-million): this website will use the European standard for 'Large Number Names' and will not use the United States standard for 'Large Number Names'. (See details)

It will be a long time before the majority of FIGU's books, booklets and articles are translated into English however, this is a start ... and will continue far into the future by those that follow us.


As each individual or group holds the copyright to all their German/English translations of the original German texts (FIGU owns the copyright to the original German texts), for all original translation links provided we request that no COPIES of these translations be posted anywhere else, however the LINK ONLY to the translated document can be posted freely elsewhere. The reason for this is, at times translation corrections to a document may be required (due to FIGU dictionary updates). When this occurs the same LINK will be used on this website for a corrected document to replace the original document, guaranteeing that the LINK will always be to the latest corrected version of a document. Anyone posting the actual document elsewhere may, in time, only have an outdated incorrect copy of the document. We, the United States Online FIGU-Interessengruppe für Missionswissen (United States Online FIGU-Interest Group for Mission-Knowledge), want to avoid multiple outdated versions of any documents we translate from appearing on the internet only resulting in confusion created by those not respecting our request by posting copies of documents.
Thus Creative Commons licensed articles other FIGU/Pro-FIGU groups have translated will be included in our library as links to their original translations and will not be copied and hosted on our website. This way if they ever update their translation our link will always be to their current version (If they don't change the file name). The links to our English translated FIGU articles will always remain the same for updated/corrected articles we translate/publish and host on our website.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding this item.

All of our translations have been formatted as PDF files that can be printed as personal hard-copies only. These English translations produced by our Translation Team are not to be sold or distributed for profit or sustenance. The voluntary hardcopy publishing of these translations for use in information booths and freely distributed by any FIGU/Pro-FIGU group is acceptable if no changes are made to the articles/PDFs.

Any recommended translation corrections to our translations are always appreciated and once approved by the translation team will be incorporated into an updated version.

United States Online FIGU-Interessengruppe für Missionswissen
United States Online FIGU-Interest Group for Mission-Knowledge

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