by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier

click to order this German Book from FIGU Switzerlandclick to order this German Book from FIGU SwitzerlandViewpoints on the person BEAM. Recordings of Plejaren-beam ships, landing tracks and visitors, etc., photographed by Billy Eduard Albert Meier and some of his witnesses. May 17, 1964 to February 5, 2004.
In order to be able to understand why the images of beamships of Plejaran origin identified in this photobook could be made by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier - called BEAM, it is necessary to briefly describe the circumstances of the coming about of the photos. But it is also essential to say something about the person BEAM as a human being and as a herald of the modern time and as a contact person to understand why he was commissioned as a the only one to make the most best ever pictures of extra-terrestrial beam ships which are controlled by the human beings of the Plejaren Federation and come to earth.

Standpunkte zur Person BEAM. Aufnahmen der Plejaren-Strahlschiffe, Landespuren und Besucher usw., photographiert von Billy Eduard Albert Meier und einiger seiner Zeugen. 17. Mai 1964 bis 5. Februar 2004.
Um verstehen zu können, warum die in diesem Photobuch aufgezeigten Strahlschiffe-Bilder plejarischer Herkunft von ‹Billy› -Eduard Albert Meier, genannt BEAM, gemacht werden konnten, ist es notwendig, kurz die Umstände des Zustandekommens der Photos zu beschreiben. Es ist aber auch unumgänglich, einiges über die Person BEAM als Mensch sowie als Künder der Neuzeit und als Kontaktperson zu sagen, um zu verstehen, warum er als einziger dazu beauftragt war, die wohl jemals besten Photos von ausser-irdischen Strahlschiffen zu machen, die durch die Menschen der Plejarischen Föderation gesteuert werden und zur Erde kommen.

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Category: Ufology
Publisher: Wassermannzeit
Pages: 288
Format: DIN A4
Language: German
Binding: hardback
   12012 immemorial first names
   61 Years of Poems
   A Little Bit of Knowledge, Sense and Essence of Wisdom
   About the Fluidal Energy
   Adventures of a Globetrotter
   An Open Word
   And They Fly Still! - 2012 Edition
   Aphorisms, Thoughts and Sayings
   Approach to the Reality
   Arahat Athersata
   Become a True Human Being
   Descent into Hell
   Diversity of Topics
   Earth's-humankind finally strive for Peace and Freedom instead of War and Terror
   Education of Children, Adolescents and Adults
   Essence of Wisdom and Things Worth Knowing of the Life
   Excerpts from newspapers and journals about BEAM
   Existing Life in the Universe
   Flight through Time and Space
   For Reflection
   From the Depths of Outer Space
   Goblet of the Truth
   God Delusion and God Delusion Insanity
   If the human being wants to become happy and satisfied
   Introduction into the Meditation
   Law of the Love
   Laws and recommendations of the behaviors
   Learning Steps
   Life And Death
   Listing of the numbers and legends of the FIGU-Photos
   Live the Life correctly
   Meditation From Clear Visibility
   Might of the Thoughts
   My bequest: Human being of the Earth, I wish for you…
   Nokodemion, his successor-personalities
   Overpopulation, the greatest danger for the Earth's humankind - Series
   Pleiadian Plejaren Contact Reports
   Prophecies and Predictions
   Questions to Billy from May 2013
   Rebirth, Life, Dying, Death and Sorrow
   Researching a Real UFO
   Secrets of the Parish Priest
   Semjase Reports
   Sensible, Dignified, Valueful
   Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching
   Talmud Jmmanuel
   Teaching and Proclaiming the Truth
   Teaching Script for the Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of the Creation-energy, Teaching of the Life
   The Beginning is the End
   The Billy Meier Case - Fact or a Hoax?
   The Phantom/White Slave Trader
   The Psyche
   The Rose-Colored Crystal
   The Truth about the Pleiades
   The Way to Live
   They are here
   Through Space and Time
   Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Wellspring of all Existence
   Viewpoints about the person Billy Eduard Albert Meier, known as BEAM
   Why the Human Being is that which he/she is
   Witness Book
   Zurich 1995