Original German Source - FIGU Bulletin No. 1
Vol1 No1 - April 1995

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DownloadIntroductionSourceEinfuhrungBrenadette Brand1Marc Juliano
DownloadIntrigues and Smearings (Billy Meier Unmaasked!)SourceIntrigen und Achmierereien (Nilly Meier entlarvt!)FIGU - Translated by Christian Frehner1-4Marc Juliano
DownloadWithdrawal of Pleiadians / PlejarenSourceAbzug der Plejadier/PlejarenBilly4-5Marc Juliano
DownloadRussia HelpSourceRussland-HilfeBilly5-6Marc Juliano
DownloadUFOs - beam ships - Flying SaucersSourceUFOs – Strahlschiffe – Fliegende Untertassen?6-7Marc Juliano
DownloadBrand New Information: UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in the year 1947SourceBrandneue Information: UFO-Absturz in Roswell, Neu Mexiko, anno 1947?7-9Marc Juliano