Original German Source - FIGU Bulletin No. 3
Vol1 No3 - June 1995

EnglishArticle (English)GermanArticle (German)AuthorPage(s)Translator(s)
DownloadClose Encounters/ US Law and UFOsSourceNahe BegegnungenMichael Uyttebroek1 - 3Marc Juliano
DownloadTitle 14 - Aeronautics and SpaceSourceTitel 14 - Aeronautics and SpaceT. O. Paine, NASA3 - 7Marc Juliano
DownloadUFO in South AfricaSourceUFO in SüdafrikaAfrikaanse Sonntagzeitung Rapport (2-Apr-1995) - translated to German by Ed. D. Müller8 - 9Marc Juliano
DownloadQuestions from our Readers - Why are FIGU Books so expensive? Why are the Spirit Lessons so expensive? - Orbital height of satellites - What happens to all of the money Passive Members pay?SourceFragen aus dem Leserkreis?/ Billy9 - 12Marc Juliano
DownloadStigmatization - The Wounds of ChristSourceStigmatisation - Christus-WundmaleBilly12 - 14Marc Juliano
DownloadRoswell Incident SourceRoswell-Zwischenfall?/ Billy14Marc Juliano
DownloadQuestion about Robert (Bob) LazarSourceLeserfrage zu Robert (Bob) LazarBilly14 - 15Marc Juliano
DownloadUS Soldier shoots ExtraterrestrialSourceUS-Soldat erschiesst AusserirdischenBilly15 - 16Marc Juliano