Videos Related to Billy's Contacts

The following list of videos are all on topics related to Billy's contact reports. These videos are from various sources in the public domain.

Contacts - Video Listing

ViewTitleSorted By Title In Ascending OrderSubjectProducerDuration
View127th ContactNumerology, Cheiro, numeric valuesSukofu28:20
View128th ContactNumerology, numeric values (18)Sukofu1:08:48
View129th ContactFIGU group mattersSukofu11:36
View130th ContactAssassination Attempt on Billy, Wendelle Stevens, VenusSukofu26:08
View131st ContactBuilding on Erra, climate changes, overpopulation, beamship landing tracksSukofu34:00
View155th ContactDestroyer Comet, reason nophotos of Plejaren, love-destiny, mystery surrounding Billy (Nokodemion lineage)Sukofu35:12
View165th ContactJupiter, Saturn, Voyager space probe, Russian space probe to Venus, NostradamusSukofu29:32
View166th ContactPlanet alignment, Voyager space probe, Rings of Saturn and Jupiter, Arahat AthersataSukofu15:28